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Original. Hand painted. Inspired.

An accomplished mural artist, Mandy van Leeuwen creates original hand painted compositions for both exterior and interior design spaces in public and private settings. Since 1998, the Winnipeg-based muralist has worked on more than 45 outdoor tableaux, and countless dioramas, theatrical backdrops, landscape paintings and painted wall murals in many homes. Wall art in a nursery or the kids room is especially popular. Mandy's work has garnered attention and acclaim in Canada and internationally.

Mandy van Leeuwen photoMandy infuses each larger-than-life painting with meaningful scenes, characters and details that tell a distinct story.  On every commission she works closely with the client to bring visions to life, through the transformative nature of decorative wall painting. Each wall mural is hand painted to create a decorative wall that is beautiful, expressive and lasting - the hallmarks of fine art.

The creative process begins now. Contact Mandy to discuss your ideas for a unique wall mural or decorative painting. From concept to completion, Mandy van Leeuwen has the insight, artistry and talent to create personalized expressions at your home or business.